Nearby nature

All around Bygholm Camping there is fantastic nature. You can see the fjord from the camp site and experience its changeable colors, depending on the weather. Arne’s lake which is locally called the blue lagoon is located approx. 2 km from the site.

Bygholm Camping  is located right next to “Vejlerne” Nature Reserve, which is Northern Europe’s largest bird sanctuary.

Vejlerne include approx. 6000 ha. (60 km2) and is owned by Aage V. Jensen’s Foundations. It is possible to experience birds such as light-bellied barnacle geese, dwarf gulls and spoonbills. The largest breeding population of grey geese is located here, and in the autumn “Vejlerne” Bird Sanctuary is the country’s largest overnight place for e.g. cranes.

There are many viewpoints and bird towers where you can get a fantastic insight into the magnificent nature on “Vejlerne”. It is also possible to visit “Vejlernes Naturcenter”, which is located on main road 11, where there is an information center and binoculars.

In addition, there are many beautiful places near Bygholm Camping, here I mention just a few of them.

Nationalpark Thy

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